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June 2016 Astrology Overview

Hi All,
The half way point of 2016 is here bringing with it another major opportunity to experience something different. The month begins as the Sun continues its visit to dualistic Gemini. This sign is ruled by or associated with the planet Mercury. Mercury is known for a few qualities – wit and intellect, mental and verbal energy, quickness and agility (of both mind and body). It is also associated with youth and early education, and considered the sign of the “student path”. Eager to learn and impatient to know and understand, Gemini is known as the “Peter Pan” of the zodiac. If you really think of the story of Peter Pan, you recognize the story is about the eternal spirit of youth, the beauty of innocence and child-like wonder with all things around us, and the powerful belief that you can create reality out of your thoughts and words. In June our focus shifts from our basic survival needs to our ideas, thinking, and communications – the stuff that creates our reality.
We are reminded that life experience is whatever you choose it to be; it is whatever you choose to think, say, and take action for.

On June 4th, the Gemini New Moon amplifies the need for thought and communication, but is a complex lunation as it triggers a Grand Mutable Cross between Venus in Gemini, Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. The Grand Cross (no matter what signs are involved) always reminds me of that old saying. “A Heavy Cross to Bear” which more than likely comes from this cosmic alignment. This Grand Mutable Cross is about being flexible and preparing us for the changing season ahead. As confusing as a mutable Grand Cross is, it is demanding we adapt to survive and move into the future. This New Moon in Gemini is all about the mental realm: communication, speaking, writing, education, commerce, and travel. However, because of aspects this month we are being asked to sensitize our thinking and forcing us to look at the broader picture and how we relate to it.

Now there is one favorable alignment to this month’s lunation it’s the exact conjunction the Sun and Moon with Venus. We can expect a lot of the discussion to be centered on art, music, love, relationships, money, and social graces (which are eroding by the second, it seems.) Gemini is often accused of being a superficial sign, due to its tendency to jump around from one talking point to another and seemingly never staying on one long enough to get to the bottom. I think this is less of a problem here with Mercury in Taurus holding steadfast. There is persistence here in getting points heard and pulled out of others. It’s a very sociable New Moon, and what starts off as a lighthearted good time and lively banter can turn up quality information.   continue reading newsletter: click here

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