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July Astrology Overview & Video Horoscopes

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As we move into July, the Cosmic energy will bring in a series of energetic shifts that promise to keep us on our toes. This month, we’ll navigate the dreamy waters of Neptune retrograde, the fiery influence of Mercury and Venus in Leo, and the grounding energy of the Full Moon in Capricorn. Let’s take a look into what the stars have in store for us this month!

When Neptune retrogrades in Pisces on July 2, our intuition and dreams become more vivid. Neptune’s retrograde phase is a time to reflect on our spiritual journey and the illusions we’ve been holding onto. Expect heightened sensitivity and a deeper connection to your subconscious. We may feel more introspective and sensitive, with a strong desire to escape reality and retreat into our inner worlds. There’s a tendency to question our beliefs and seek deeper spiritual understanding.

To navigate this energy, embrace meditation and other spiritual practices to connect with your inner self. Keep a dream journal to capture insights from your subconscious, and be mindful of the urge to escape reality through unhealthy habits, focusing instead on constructive ways to deal with emotions.

On the same day, Mercury enters Leo, making our communication style bolder and more expressive. This transit encourages us to confidently speak our minds and share our ideas. We’ll feel more outspoken and eager to express our thoughts and opinions, with a desire to be heard and recognized for our unique perspectives. Use this time to share your ideas and communicate creatively, but also practice active listening to balance the conversation and avoid coming across as arrogant or domineering.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 5 invites us to focus on home, family, and emotional well-being. This is a perfect time to set intentions related to nurturing and creating a supportive environment. We’ll feel more protective and caring towards our loved ones, with emotional connections and home life taking center stage. Set nurturing intentions related to family, home improvement, and emotional health. Strengthen your bonds with family and close friends, and make your living space more comfortable and inviting.

Venus enters Leo on July 11, bringing a dramatic flair to our love lives and social interactions. This transit is all about passion, romance, and enjoying the spotlight. Expect to feel more charismatic and eager for affection, with relationships becoming more passionate and dynamic. Show appreciation by expressing love and admiration to those around you, indulge in luxury by treating yourself and your loved ones to something special, and ensure you balance the attention by sharing the spotlight with others.

On July 15, Mars will conjunct Uranus in Taurus. We could be in for some unexpected changes during this alignment. Mars is the planet of strife, violence, war, army, police, accidents, and fires. While Uranus rules change, radical action, reform, civil unrest, rebellions, protests, strikes, freedom fighting, and startling exposés. It brings sudden, unexpected developments. The only thing you can predict with Uranus is unpredictability.

With this transit, pressure is building on the matters associated with Taurus, things such as food, power, banks, and money, and Uranus has some influence over cryptocurrencies, keep an eye on these areas. This transit can also forecast one, two, or maybe 3 events of international significance and an event of national importance for individual countries.

Mars enters Gemini on July 20, energizing our minds and encouraging multitasking. This is a time of quick decisions and mental agility. We’ll feel more mentally active and curious, eager to explore new ideas and engage in stimulating conversations. To navigate this energy, stay organized to avoid feeling scattered, engage in learning by taking up new courses or hobbies that challenge your mind, and balance action with thought by considering all angles before making quick

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 21 emphasizes responsibility, structure, and long-term goals. It’s a time to assess our progress and make necessary adjustments. We’ll feel more determined and focused on our ambitions, with a desire to achieve and make tangible progress.  Review your long-term goals and make adjustments as needed, focus on practicality by taking practical steps towards achieving your objectives, and ensure you balance work and rest by taking time to recharge.

The Sun’s entry into Leo on July 22 brings a burst of vitality and enthusiasm. This is a time to embrace creativity, self-expression, and joy. We’ll feel more confident and eager to shine, with a strong desire to pursue passions and enjoy life’s pleasures. Engage in activities that allow you to express yourself creatively, take time to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, and spread joy by sharing your enthusiasm and positive energy with those around you.

With Mercury entering Virgo on July 25, our thinking becomes more analytical and detail-oriented. This transit favors organization and practical problem-solving. We’ll feel more focused on details and efficiency, with a desire to improve and perfect our work. Use this time to organize your tasks and improve productivity, focus on accuracy and thoroughness in your work, and approach problems with a practical and logical mindset.

July brings a rich tapestry of astrological influences, each offering unique opportunities for growth and transformation. By understanding these transits and aligning our actions with their energies, we can navigate the month with grace.

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