June 2023 Astrology Overview & Video Horoscopes

Hi Friends, We catch a cosmic break this month as eclipse season is now behind us and Mercury is moving in direct motion. June’s energy will feel much more creative thanks to Venus and Mars traveling through fun-loving Leo. With this transit we need to follow our heart’s desires, especially around self-expression, true love and […]

May 2023 Astrology Overview & Video Horoscopes

Hi Friends, The cosmic energy takes another strong turn this month as a powerful Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio shakes things up. Over the course of the next 3 to 6 months this eclipse will reveal all that is hidden in your personal life and in the world at large. Full Moons are about exposing or […]

April 2023 Astrology Overview & Video Horoscopes

Hi Friends, Its eclipse season once again, the first one of 2023. This is the time of the year where destiny shifts before our eyes, where doorways open and others close. Expect a surge of energy to crackle through the air as a vibrant passion will ignite within us. Also, this is the last month […]

March 2023 Astrology Overview & Video Horoscopes

Hi Friends, Hold on to your britches! This month is supercharged with cosmic activity including two significant planets changing signs. This year might have started off slow but the momentum gets a major boost in March thanks to Saturn and Pluto moving into Pisces and Aquarius. In fact, there will be six planets changing signs […]

February 2023 Astrology Overview & Video Horoscopes

Hi Friends, We were off to a slow start as we began the New Year, but this month its full speed ahead. The cosmic brakes have been released! There are NO planets in retrograde this month…in fact, there are no planets in retrograde until April 21, 2023. This is great news as we can now […]

2023 Astrology Overview and Video Horoscopes

Hi Friends, Here we are in a New Year and a new vibration. As many of us are discovering everything is made of up light and sound frequencies and this year we will come to understand this even more. The Numerology for 2023 breaks down to a Seven year (2+0+2+3= 7). Seven years are usually […]

December 2022 Astrology Overview & Video Horoscopes

Hi Friends, Can you believe it? Here we are at the last month of 2022 and what a ride it’s been. As the month unfolds into the traditional holiday season we’ll be met with quite a bit of unsettling cosmic energy. December is arguably one of the most chaotic times of year, but also can […]

November 2022 Astrology Overview and Monthly Horoscopes

Hi Friends, Hold on, we’re in for a wild cosmic ride this month as we find ourselves in the middle of eclipse season and mighty Mars begins its retrograde cycle. As November begins we are still feeling the effects of the October 25th New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, and 2 weeks after that one […]

October 2022 Astrology Overview & Video Horoscopes

Hi Friends, We have a significant month ahead with lots of cosmic activity. October is a transitional month filled with more optimism and a desire for new experiences. Networking and socializing will be extremely fruitful allowing us to form strong connections with a wide array of powerful allies, both old and new. The month begins […]

September 2022 Astrology Overview And Video Horoscopes

Hi Friends, Time to go down memory lane once again as six planets will be in retrograde motion beginning on September 9th. As I’m sure many of you are aware that when we have this many planets moving backwards things may get a little confusing and uncertain. Its normal for the outer planets to be […]