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2015 Astrology Overview !

Welcome to 2015 Friends !!!

In 2015, we are more compelled to act out of awareness that we are all connected and we’re challenged to put our spiritual ideals into practice. In case this sounds a bit overwhelming, the planetary patterns this year remind us that small acts can carry tremendous power and can make a profound difference. Use this year’s momentum to change your overall idea of what reality really is and how you fit into this new paradigm shift. The first major alignment occurs on March 16th with the final exact square of Uranus and Pluto. Over the past few years we’ve been challenged to awaken our personal power in the face of increased repression, while trying to break free from a fear-based control system, and contributing our vital life force towards creating a sustainable new world. The lesson of this final alignment is to use energy from the last three years to bring us into new spaces that challenge our growth and help us better define our true purpose and creative intent. A few days later, On March 20th, a Super Moon (closer to the earth) is also a solar eclipse that occurs in the very last moments of Pisces just hours before the vernal equinox, while a lunar eclipse on April 4th falls in mid-Libra, making for a very powerful and transformational spring season.

This powerful lunation signals new beginnings that require a major ending or letting go. It will be sandwiched between the last Uranus-Pluto square and the Aries equinox, amping up the emotional intensity of both events. This is a powerful time to focus your healing intent through prayer, meditation, or a quiet ritual. The other two eclipses will occur on September 13th in Virgo and a lunar eclipse in Aries on September 27th that will round out the year. The Virgo Solar Eclipse on September 13th will focus our attention on healing our bodies, minds, and spirit. While the Aries Lunar Eclipse on September 27th will help us to find constructive ways to release frustration and anger while sharing more compassion and service to others.  In 2015, Jupiter transits through Leo until August 11th, when it moves into Virgo. This planet of expansion shines on Leo, which ignites our creativity before it shifts its energy into Virgo, thus the latter part of the year will find the focus is on more technical and down-to-earth things. Don’t be too surprised to see some announcements on breakthroughs in medicine and technology. More specifically, there may be new studies coming out about the body, mind, and spirit connection to illness as well as “future” technologies that are quickly adapted into the regular routine of daily living.

Another big cosmic alignment that is sure to make a difference this year is Saturn now transiting Sagittarius which began last December shortly before the New Year. With the exception of June 16th to September 17th, when Saturn moves temporarily back into Scorpio, its focal energies turn toward higher education, law, publishing, and spiritual beliefs. In the next two years, we will see more news stories about challenges to the structure of college education and the best methods to train the workforce. Some debates should arise on civil and international law in 2015, while religious groups take a deeper look at their core beliefs. This may lead to splits, or the threat of splits, within these groups. The publishing industry also should go through reorganization and further adjustments.  We’ll be revisiting the past a few times this year when Mercury retrogrades three times in 2015. The retrogrades occur on; January 22nd to February 11th; May 18th to June 11th; and September 17th to October 9th. During these dates, just stop, look, and listen. Frequently, Mercury retrograde brings insights and new information that is helpful to our decision-making process and thus the advice to hold still and wait. Once Mercury moves direct, you can use this new information to your advantage. The other major retrograde in 2015 will be that of the planet Venus. Venus will be retrograde from July 25th to September 6th where we will be called inward to rethink values and priorities, while reconsidering our relationships and focus on self-love and self nurturing.

As you can see, 2015 will start off with more determination as we continue to learn the lesson of the past three years; while mid-year we experience some much needed relief from the Uranus- Pluto squares.Towards the end of 2015 we find ourselves needing more soulful centering with an increased awareness of spiritual matters that may seem beyond our comprehension. Remember, permanent security is not found in external circumstance but through connecting with our divine source from within. Although the past few years seem to be more traumatic, many of the changes we went through were guiding us away from experiences that are no longer needed, while at the same time creating greater understanding of our deeper nature.

All the Best in 2015

Joseph P. Anthony
Psychic Astrologer

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