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Saturn in Sagittarius

12/23- The planet of discipline and hard work is now transiting philosophical and visionary Sagittarius. Over the next two years or so we will be taking a cold, hard look at our belief systems, whether they are religious, political, or ideological. Some people, however, are likely to hunker down and become even more resistant to concepts that don’t fit into their traditional ideas about truth. The planet of order in this farseeing sign could suppress intellectual growth, reinforce prejudices and inhibit educational development. Yet, instead of seeking solutions in the dogma of the past, this is a time when we’re responsible for expanding our visions of the future. Responsible Saturn in outgoing Sagittarius requires us to come up with hopeful solutions to even the most unyielding problems and to back up optimism with committed action. The ringed planet will revisit Scorpio from June 14-September 17, 2015 giving us one much chance to finish up old business, before settling back into the enthusiastic Archer until December 2017. ‪#‎astrologerjoe‬

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