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October 2020 Astrology Overview

Hi Friends,
Buckle up! We are in for a wild cosmic adventure in October. The month begins with a Full Moon and ends with a Full Moon on Hallows Eve. This is what’s called a Blue Moon. This is when the Full Moon falls at the very beginning of a month and ends the month with a Full Moon. We can almost always guarantee a more emotional outcome. The Moon symbolically represents our feelings, family, and foundation, so when we have two lunations like this we are in for an emotional roller-coaster ride. In between these lunar cycles we also have Mercury going retrograde to help stoke the fires a little more. Furthermore, Mars which is already in retrograde mode in Aries will be a in a tough align with powerful Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. Even the New Moon this month will be in a challenging position. Believe me when I say this month can be difficult. On the positive side we have Pluto going direct and lovely Venus will enter Libra towards the end of month.

October 2020 seems to be very intense, full of situations that will get us thinking and events that will push us towards introspection and confronting our own fears or obsessions. On the very first day of October the Full Moon highlights the self-directed sign of Aries. This lunation is suggesting we take a long hard look at who we are and what actions we are bringing fourth to improve our current circumstances. Aries is ruled by Mars, but with Mars retrograde in Aries this Full Moon can be confusing and frustrating. This Full Moon will feel like we trying to move forward while being shackled to the past. Fortunately, Chiron (the wounded healer) is conjunct this lunation helping to bring in some healing powers.

On October 2nd Venus enters diagnostic Virgo. The energy of Venus is concerned with our social interactions. It tells us how much of a “team player” we are and how well we have mastered the art of diplomacy. It is all about the beauty and art and harmony we need in our lives. And, it is about the love we have to give one another. With Venus moving into “pick-it-apart” Virgo, don’t expect to find anything you like for a while. Here she will focus her many talents on analyzing every aspect of the relationships in her life. She needs to know all the details and understand why. The thought of letting her feelings just flow never really enters the picture. She’s too busy picking them apart. Fitting the pieces of the puzzle together is much more interesting.

We begin to take a deeper look at our governing bodies on October 4th when destructive Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. Pluto turned retrograde on April 25th, showing us that a deep inner transformation is necessary, in order to find our place in society. We can clearly see this in the protests, marches, and riots occurring in some of the major cities around the world. Now that Pluto is moving forward we will begin to see some of those changes that are needed within various institutional organizations.

Explosive energy is in the air on October 9-10 when combative Mars squares extreme Pluto. When Mars squares Pluto power struggles and confrontations are very possible. This is because of the intense desire to gain control over ourselves, others, or of current situations. During this transit the inner turmoil bubbles up to the surface and bringing forth a tremendous power of transformation. The smallest thing can trigger this emotional and psychological intensity. This transit can also reveal power struggles in career—where we find ourselves climbing the ladder of achievement into a more power position. Even if you chose to play it safe, you may have to deal with other people trying to dominate you or challenge your ego or position at work. We will certainly see this theme played out this month in the United States as we are in an election year. Be ready for battles beyond belief in this year’s political theater.

Our thoughts turn to the past once again on October 13th when Mercury goes retrograde in passionate Scorpio. With Mercury turning retrograde in Scorpio, ‘if it wasn’t broke, it will be’. Connecting parts of any kind keep missing each other… computers do mysterious things… TVs and cell phones, quit working… you make a lot of typos, and of course, misunderstandings and miscommunication are the norm. Check and re-check and re-check are the general theme during a Mercury retrograde cycle. It really is a time when all the little details that aren’t quite perfect get together and clobber us all at once. Finding the solutions is an exercise in deep concentration and endurance. By the end of this retrograde period, we may all be a little tired of dealing with things that don’t work, but if you let your frustrations overcome you, things will only get worse. This is the proverbial lesson in patience.

This month’s Libra New Moon on October 16th will also be challenging. Normally a New Moon in Libra is all about peace and harmony, but this month it will be in a tough T-Square alignment with Mars and Pluto. New moons in Libra usually want us to come together, to work together, to find some middle ground, and to move forward together. We can focus on our relationships and partnerships, the way we connect and relate to one another. However, the New Moon is square (hard aspect) transit to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and opposing Mars retrograde in Aries. Ouch! So the peace-and-harmony feeling of Libra may be sorely lacking with this lunation. We can feel restricted, limited, and overwhelmed thanks to Saturn, struggle over power and control thanks to Pluto, and have some out-of-control anger thanks to Mars retrograde.

The intensity level goes up tenfold on October 22nd when the Sun moves into passionate Scorpio. When the Sun transits this powerful sign we begin to feel a deep sense of strength and inner transformation. We become more secretive and forceful about things. We know what we want and we’re going after it! As a water sign, Scorpio is associated with the sub-conscious. Scorpio’s energy is as powerful and mysterious as the oceans. They cover most of the earth, yet we know little about what lies in the depths below. The intensity of Scorpio is like that of hurricane hitting the shores. Massive amounts of water were on the move and nothing was going to stop it. Scorpio is also a fixed sign, which means it is resistant to change. It holds things in and balks at giving up its old ways of doing things. But when the dam breaks, it really breaks. Contemplate these things while the Sun is in Scorpio.

A need for balance and beauty returns on October 27th when Venus enters Libra. While Venus is in the sign that she rules, we’ll get to enjoy the true essence of elegance, refinement, and beauty in all forms. Libra is associated with justice, fairness, and balance. Anything to do with the crudeness of confrontation is to be avoided at all costs. Libra is an air sign, so its energy is light and quick. When Venus, our goddess of love, is in Libra, she brings us a sense of peace and calm. She wants to make others happy and is more than willing to compromise, sometimes to her own detriment. It is easy to see the other person’s point of view while Venus is in Libra.

On the very last day of the month we have another Full Moon, this one highlighting the fixed sign of Taurus. Anytime we have to second Full Moon in one month it is called a Blue Moon. This lunation will certainly feel a bit eerie since it also happens to coincidence with All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween). This pagan holiday was the celebration of the Sun beginning its descent into the southern hemisphere; therefore the festivals they held were about the “death of the Sun”. Symbolically, this Full Moon on this day can actually represent a death of old belief systems, ideas, and traditions that eventually will disappear someday in the near future. However, anything is possible during this lunation because unpredictable Uranus will conjunct the Full Moon and Scorpio Sun will be opposing it on the other end. This combined energy has the potential to bring in unexpected and exciting encounters or events that will once again shake up our world.

Adapting to any changes requires extra effort, and any excitement may leave our nerves a bit frayed. These unexpected and quite possibly unwanted changes can manifest themselves, through a partner, or through an external event. Although initially upsetting we may resist the changes at first, but, it would be wise to keep an open mind on any possibilities that show up.

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