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March 2021 Astrology Overview

Hi Friends,
They’ll be lots of compassion and conversation this month as the radiant Sun makes its way through ultra-sensitive Pisces and Mars enters the mental realm of Gemini. The sign of Pisces represents our spiritual nature and altered states of reality. Every year when the Sun transits this sign we find ourselves thinking more about spirituality, meditation, prayer, alcohol, drugs, food, and addictions, in order to cope with feeling vulnerable. We seek to escape these feelings through a trance-like state that will allow us to escape from the harshness of this reality. On the positive side, the Sun in Pisces allows us to forgive and to realize we are much more than just our minds and physical bodies.

Mars on the other hand represents our drive and motivation. Mars in the mutable air sign of Gemini brings a lot of energy and/or hostility to the world of words. Mutable means changeable and flexible…and Gemini loves change…so expect some unpredictability in our communication this month. Towards the end of the month when the Sun enters Aries the energy shifts into high gear as our momentum increases to explore new territory.

As we begin March things are relatively quiet, that’s until March 3rd when Mars enters Gemini. As Mars exits the slow and steady sign of Taurus and enters quick-minded Gemini it will appear as time itself may be speeding up. Mars highlights and activates the realm of information, language, and thought. Gemini is the most flexible, adaptable, and versatile of the three social air signs. Gemini is the realm of the everyday– neighbors, coworkers, siblings, relatives, and others in our orbit. Mars in Gemini activates an urge to converse, and sometimes not so much to take it all in–however, we’ll get the most valuable and actionable information during this seven week transit.


The spiritual and mystical theme is highlighted on March 13th with the New Moon in Pisces. During a New Moon, the yin and yang, masculine and feminine energy overlap, creating a union between the two heavenly bodies. This potency of energy offers ripe conditions for creation. Though, it’s common to feel a little blue around a Pisces New Moon as it’s a more introverted time, the upside is it’s a fantastic time for setting new intentions and using your intuition to consciously cultivate the life you want. What makes this lunation extra special is that Venus and Neptune will be conjunct this New Moon suggesting a deeper layer of intuition and compassion. This Pisces New Moon energy will help us to see how we have grown, and how we have shifted into higher levels of understanding and consciousness.

Our thinking turns illusive on March 15th when Mercury enters Pisces. When the planet of reason moves into the watery sign of compassion, traditional methods of making decisions go out the door. In Pisces, the mental activity of Mercury moves into a completely different realm — the world of fantasy and dreams. Whatever your own method of mental reasoning is, you will undoubtedly encounter people who do not have their feet on the ground during this period. They won’t care about being practical or working toward goals. They’ll just be floating from one experience to another. If you happen to be a practical type yourself, you’ll find yourself wondering how they ever manage to survive in this hustle bustle world.

The energy shifts in a big way on March 20th when the Sun enters Aries, this also marks the Spring Equinox (North Hemisphere) as the Sun begins its ascent into the highest point in the heavens. It also signals the start of a new astrological year. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and a cardinal fire sign that springs upon us in a burst of exuberant energy – it is the doer, the initiator, the aggressor. The Sun is the source of all life in our universe. Without it, none of us would be here. It represents the desire to live, the craving to exist, the will to “make something happen. When you combine that urge with the fire of Aries, there’s going to be a lot of physical activity going on. As this month goes by and Aries energy winds down, we may get a little worn out from all this running around.


The following day, March 21st, loving Venus enters Aries as well. Where Venus goes, our hearts go. Her energy relates to the kind of surroundings that make us feel comfortable. She is a yin planet, meaning that she is not so much pro-active, but rather, that what she wants she draws to her. One of the things Venus wants is social interaction. She wants the happy, fun, “meaningful” part of relationships. She is lovely, refined, and beautiful. And make no mistake, she is very seductive. When Venus is in the sign ruled by Mars, her male counterpart, she gains the energy to go out and get what she wants. So during her visit in Aries we’ll find ourselves going after more of the pleasures in life and not thinking twice about it.

And speaking of the Venus, this month’s Libra Full Moon on March 28th also highlights partnerships of all kinds. The Aries-Libra polarity is a relationship axis, where Aries represents “self,” and Libra represents “other.” Where Aries is about self-assertion, Libra is about compromise. With the Libra Moon, we’re especially aware of our need for relationships and all that comes with maintaining them — compromising, negotiating, graciousness, and balancing. The Aries Sun, on the other hand, is self-assertive, leading, and personally courageous.
This Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between meeting our personal needs and attending to the needs of a significant other, and between independence or autonomy and dependence on companion-ability.

Best Regards!

Psychic Astrologer
Joseph P. Anthony

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