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March 2017 Astrology Newsletter and Overview

We have now entered the “Surreal Zone” where our imaginations and visions rule. This year is all about seeing reality for what it is, seeing through the illusions of control, restrictions, false beliefs, and ideas of what life should be. As we begin the month of March, the radiant Sun continues to transit the twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces. This sign represents the doorway between worlds, physical and non-physical. It is the origin of our dreams and visions for our lives, our intuitions, our compassion and selflessness, and our connection to All-That-Is. Many of us have dreams of what we’d like to be or do or have in our lives. We often think of them just as dreams or fantasies with no possibility of becoming the reality of our lives. Yet, time and time again, we see evidence of dreams coming true – of people who can testify to their visions of their lives becoming the reality from their dreams.

We all have dreams, visions, and intuition friends and must learn how to understand and recognize that we are connected via this energy/light we call God, Source, Creator, etc…we are a manifestation of this source. WE are also connected to EVERYTHING! WE are ONE with everyone and everything around you! Once you tap into this awareness to realize that you and everything around you is all energy, making your dreams the reality of your life isn’t so far-fetched after all. Of course, the manifestation of our dreams may not come about exactly the way we want or expect it to. This is where Pisces idealism and fanaticism rears its often ugly head. We at times understand on some level of our being (sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously) that with clear and focused intention, the circumstances of our lives will align to bring forth all that is truly desired. But, we MUST have patience as we continue to transform on every level.

On March 4th, we’ll have the opportunity to reconnect with others and situations from the past when Venus turns retrograde in the self-directed sign of Aries. Venus Retrograde is an optical illusion, where the planet appears to be going backward from our perspective here on earth. The planet of romance, money and what we value does a turn around every 18 months. This retrograde period will be from March 4th through April 15th. Venus represents beauty, fashion, appearance, partnerships, agreements, romance, financial matters, money, and sensuality.  During this retrograde, we can expect to reconnect with childhood friends, former lovers, investment opportunities from the past, business ideas, money making opportunities, and contracts and agreements. The last time Venus went retrograde was during the summer of 2015, so expect a unique confluence of energies that hasn’t been felt in a long time. 

The influence of Venus falls primarily under the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra, so yes my Librans and Taureans, you will feel this one for sure. Taurus is all about sensuality. Whether it’s being moved by a gorgeous painting or swooning over a delicious scent, this is the distinct influence of Taurus working its magic. Libra is similar as it holds sway over beauty and fashion, but this zodiac sign also affects relationships, especially if you’re married or thinking about taking the plunge.  With Venus retrograde we may find ourselves asking ourselves questions like; What do I value?  Will I ever find a partner or get married, will I ever make millions of dollars, How do I appear to others? or What is my relationship to money? (Spending, saving, etc) This is truly the time to find these answers within yourself, so you can better know what exactly you are seeking in the world.

The theme of values, money, and sensuality increases even more on March 9th when mighty Mars enters practical Taurus. While Mars is in Taurus, we’ll have the strength of the bull on our side. For Mars, being in Taurus is like trying to run across a street after an accident involving a truck full of glue. It’s painfully slow. It just takes such an enormous amount of energy to get from A to B. But although Taurus slows down the ability of Mars to dash about; his impulsiveness is replaced with stamina and endurance. Like the huge earthmoving machines transforming a swath of once-thick forest into a road, it’s slow, heavy, and powerful.

This month’s Full Moon on March 12th highlights the analytical and meticulous sign of Virgo. Virgo activates our need to clean out the old and bring in the new, it’s where we need to discern our priorities and honor them. The Pisces Sun will be opposing this lunation and both Virgo and Pisces share a common theme of “Service”; however, at times, they both can escape reality through martyrdom tendencies. Since Virgo is one the three earth signs, it is extremely important, in this time of accelerated frequency, to “reestablish our connection to the Earth and with our own bodies (grounding). Virgo symbolizes the “Body as the Temple” in its whole and intact state, honoring both our physical boundaries (Virgo) and our connection to Spirit (Pisces). It is time to own up to the idea of inhabiting a “Light Body” in a lighter, but yet still material universe. With the Virgo Full Moon, we are being asked to forego our immediate pre-programmed escape mechanisms and to really redefine our relationship to our physical bodies.

Our thoughts begin to accelerate the following day as Mercury enters Aries. Mercury rules our thought process. It represents the speed with which we comprehend ideas and concepts, so when Mercury moves into the fiery sign of Aries, it marks a period of high-energy and frantic ideas flying around. Mercury also rules the nervous system. The sign it is in describes how fast or slow we want to carry the message from one place to another. Mercury in Aries moves impulsively from one fire to another. It’s like going to the Indy 500…and you’re the driver. During this transit, we can expect lots of projects, lots of people wanting you to do more, and lots of work, work, and work.. at a fast, fast, fast pace. 

Our energy increases on March 20th as the Sun enters pioneering Aries. We will notice a change in the energy level surrounding us during the Sun’s visit to the sign of the Ram. We will feel it go from a sense of being subdued, tired, and needing to hibernate to an irresistible urge to get started on a bunch of new projects. Aries is a cardinal fire sign that springs upon us in a burst of exuberant energy – it is the doer, the initiator, the aggressor. The Sun is the source of all life in our universe. Without it, none of us would be here. It represents the desire to live, the craving to exist, the will to “make something of ourselves”. When you combine that urge with the fire of Aries, there’s going to be a lot of physical activity going on.

This increased motivation continues on March 27th as we enter a New Moon phase in Aries, which is the beginning of another 29.5 day Moon cycle. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and it is also the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, therefore, this New Moon has extra significance for a fresh new start. Last month’s Solar and Lunar Eclipse set the stage for significant changes ahead, changes for each of us that will play a big part in our lives until at least the fall. This New Moon is a time to take action and try new things to take advantage of the forward momentum this sign offers. Metaphorically speaking, it can be a time to use our willpower and courage to plant some of those seeds we have been collecting either in recent months or even in recent years. With this New Moon in Aries, we are asked to move beyond our comfort zones.

  Our thinking returns to practical matters on March 31st as Mercury makes its way into steadfast Taurus. While Mercury is in Taurus, we’ll be flexing our mental muscles through a sign whose energy focuses on the physical things of the earth. Strength, land, possessions — all solid, stable, material things. You can touch them. They endure. They feel heavy.  So when the planet of reason moves into this realm, the thinking process is slowed. We need to “think things through” more. Answers do not come through quickly. We get more satisfaction out of digging in the garden or going to the gym or walking around the block. When Mercury is in the earthy sign of Taurus, it’s time to get back to the basics.

Joseph P. Anthony

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