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June 2018 Astrology Overview

We sail into June on calm seas. Our minds and emotions are still on high alert as we seem to be more sensitive than normal these days. June is typically a month where our brain activity is more active than usual thanks to the Sun transiting the sign of Gemini. However, by the end of the month we will have five planets in water signs which makes things appear to more emotional than average. The big cosmic news this month though is fiery Mars going retrograde once again. This retrograde slows us down just enough to review and contemplate our self-worth and our sense of purpose. The other planet to go retrograde will be fantasy-prone Neptune. Uncontrolled imagination and day dreaming are usually associated with Neptune’s retrograde motion.

Our thoughts become more emotional on June 12th when cerebral Mercury enters sensitive Cancer. When Mercury moves into Cancer; it sends our reasoning process into “feelings” mode. Cancer is a water sign, so thoughts just pour in on their own. You’ll find your mind taking a lot of logical side steps, as you bounce from river to ocean and back to a little lake before settling down on the porch. Picture the crab and how it walks sideways toward its target. Mercury is about thinking, so it’s time to think sideways. It takes a little longer, but eventually you’ll get there.

The following day the New Moon will assist us to step thought the fog of conflicting information and begin to see with some greater clarity. With the Sun and Moon in Gemini it lightens our own ability to adapt and to change our minds. When we need to make great changes in our lives, this is the time to do it. It assists in a flexible mind that allows change as new information comes to us. All New Moons deal with new beginnings. It offers us an opportunity to identify and to free ourselves from any outside influences that maybe around us. To reclaim our own thoughts and to allow us to bring in a higher collective vibration that is readily available to each of us.

In this sign it also assists us in self expression and how we receive information. During this lunation we could expect to receive more intuitive hits. The ideas that come to us through our intuitive mind, can lead the way to brand new solutions.

Also on June 13th Venus enters proud Leo. When Venus is moving through Leo, she begins to shine in elegant glory. Talk about Love and Romance! Leo is big and bold and loves applause, so when Venus is here, we start wanting to get out of the cocoon and into the lime light. Romance and having fun become the main interest. Shopping for luxurious, tasteful things fits right in too. Just watch out for too much of a good thing. Leo energy can be overwhelming in the beginning, but it often fizzles at the end. If romance is not in the cards for you during this transit, then its best to find some creative projects that inspire you.

On June 21st the Summer Solstice (North Hemisphere) arrives marking a turning point in the heaven as the Sun enters Cancer. When the Sun moves into Cancer, watch the birds as they carry twig after twig to their chosen site and build a nest where they can bring their babies into the world. This is instinctive behavior, built upon many seasons of repetition. In Cancer, the Sun’s ego-centered energy combines with the reflective, hidden energy of Luna. The past is important to Cancer, as is the concept of nurturing – both self and others. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, ruled by the Moon, meaning that it is active, yet runs on emotions. Think about the ocean and the tremendous depth of the water. Yet the power of the Moon pulls that water from one side of the earth to the other as she moves through the night sky.

Our desires and action become hampered on June 26th as action-oriented Mars turns retrograde in Aquarius. Mars retrogrades once every two years or so for about two and half months at a time. During these periods we find ourselves at crossroads trying to figure out our next move. The energetic pace slows down and feels a bit unruly, where theoretical understanding of humanitarian experiences will be extremely hard to reach. Being able to concentrate on personal matters will not be attained without some difficulty. Retrograde planets are always about reviewing, revisiting, and revising our plans, but since we’re talking about self-oriented Mars, our motivation maybe lacking with a feeling of inadequacy. On the other hand, Aquarius rules individuality, nonconformity, the unconventional and pushing boundaries, and we can see a lot more rebelliousness during this retrograde. People can stand up and say, we’re not going to take it anymore! But it’s important to be smart with what actions we take and not resort to the violent tendencies.

This month’s Full Moon in Capricorn is dominated by a powerful conjunction to Saturn retrograde. During the next two weeks we are likely to feel more serious than usual and experience sadness, guilt, fear, restriction or inhibition. However, a positive aspect to Uranus brings opportunities for change and a willingness to break free. These positive factors are not as strong as Saturn retrograde though, so we will have to work very hard to make the changes in our lives that we want or need.

And last but not least, Mercury enters Leo on June 28th. Leo loves the limelight and is proud of it! As Mercury moves into the fire sign of Leo, we all begin to want applause for our dramatic, big-picture concepts. Mercury in Leo brings a tremendous surge of activity, like the wind whipping up a fire storm. This is what you could call an extremely symbiotic relationship. Mercury, that little instigator, stirs Leo’s already strong and active passions into a frenzy of doing things. Then, as Leo’s heat intensifies, Mercury’s little winged feet have to move even faster to stay one step ahead of the next flying cinder. By the end of Mercury’s stay in Leo, don’t be surprised to find yourself exhausted.

Psychic Astrologer
Joseph P. Anthony

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