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December 2014 Planetary Outlook

The last month of 2014 is finally here. For many I’m sure will glad this year is coming to an end. We start off this month with the Sun continuing its transit of adventurous Sagittarius–and bringing with it plenty of fiery holiday fun! On December 4th self-assertive Mars enters eccentric Aquarius and has us marching to the beat of our own drum.

Heavy socializing is favored on December 6th as the Gemini Full Moon has us flitting from flower to flower like a butterfly. Expansive Jupiter turns retrograde on December 8th. This reversal of the planet of aspiration will have us reviewing and reflecting in order to ensure the success of our long-range goals. Graceful Venus enters into ambitious and hard working Capricorn on December 10th encouraging more seriousness in relationships. The big news this month is the sixth transformational square between rebellious Uranus and reconstructive Pluto on December 15th.

These world shaking outer planets symbolically represent where we need to renovate our institutionalized habits and beliefs that keep us tied to the past. Rebelling against authorities and rules may be a common response but isn’t as important as overcoming resistance to change within ourselves. It’s time to get serious about setting and achieving goals on December 21st when the Sun enters earthy
Capricorn along with a New Moon. On same day, the drive for freedom and innovation begins to assert itself as revolutionary Uranus shifts into forward gear. Lastly, responsible Saturn enters curious Sagittarius on December 23rd for a two and half year stay, giving us a chance to develop depth of character and strengthen our integrity.

“Have a Happy & Transformational Holiday Season”
Joseph P. Anthony

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