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August 2021 Astrology Overview

Hi Friends,
This month’s momentum will feel more active as the Sun charges through fiery Leo until the August 22nd. Expect the pace of life to be lively and intense as we seek new experiences and adventures. During Leo Season, there is a tendency to be more expressive, romantic, and creative. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the height of summer where we celebrate the radiance, heat, and light of the year. A New Moon in Leo will roar on August 8th, as it will occur during the “Lion’s Gate”. This is a symbolic term that suggested an amplified Leo energy since the number 8 is associated with Leo, (8/8)

This will be a colorful time when we will feel more eagerness and passionate about what we’re doing. Find ways to express yourself and build a life that you are proud of—one that feels like you have created your own kingdom. Be courageous, be vivacious, and be bold. Remember: life is best when you are having some fun.

Our cosmic messenger, Mercury, continues to make its way through Leo until August 11th. Our thoughts, words, and texts will be grand and theatrical. We likely will feel more expressive and confident. We can be especially persuasive at this time—but may be a bit more interested in our own ideas than others. Command a room with your speech and watch people become inspired by your words. Later on August 11th, Mercury will move into Virgo, where it will feel quite at home. For the following few weeks, we will buckle down to truly assess our lives and make sure we have the information we need to make all of our most important decisions. We want to be concise, precise, and efficient in all that we say and do.

On August 16th, Venus enters Libra. While Venus is in this sign that she rules, we’ll get to enjoy the true essence of elegance, refinement, and beauty. Libra is associated with justice, fairness, and balance. Anything to do with the crudeness of confrontation is to be avoided at all costs. Libra is an air sign, so its energy is light and quick. When Venus, our goddess of love, is in Libra, she brings us a sense of peace and calm. She wants to make others happy and is more than willing to compromise, sometimes to her own detriment. It is easy to see the other person’s point of view while Venus is in Libra. It’s also easy to be beguiled by a smooth talker. So be fair and be kind, but don’t give away the farm.

On August 19th there will be a powerful turning point as the electric planet, Uranus, will turn station retrograde and turn backward in the sky until January 18, 2022. Since 2018, Uranus has been transforming the lands of Taurus and shifting our global perspective regarding economics, currency, and environmentalism. Pay attention to how your life shifts in the days near to this, as a planet is especially powerful when it changes directions. This will be the fifth planet in retrograde mode this month, time to complete and revisit things from the past.

Fortunately this month, our red planet, Mars, continues its venture through Virgo until September 14th. During this time, we may find that our daily affairs pick up and we are more prone to being extremely productive. We can harness this nervous energy to get a great deal done as we assess our work-life and daily responsibilities. We may be able to tackle some large goals and see significant progress during this transit. On a collective level, our physical health should be a bit stronger especially if we are to focus on our diet and fitness regiments. Be focused. Be precise. Be reliable. Utilize this energy to transform your life and before you know it, you’ll be stronger than ever before.

Inspirational Jupiter has returned to the Aquarius realm once again. It reentered this sign last month on July 28th and will remain in Aquarius until December 28, 2021. Jupiter in Aquarius has already begun to voice its opinion with regards to humanity. We are seeing more protests around the world; people are more willing to speak up against their tyrannical governments, against big tech companies, free speech, and the forced vaccination programs that many people are very skeptical of.
During the next five months we will see more inventions, breakthroughs, humanitarian causes, and intellectual concerns become main stream. There will continue to be a greater focus on equality, diversity, and experimentation.

This month’s Full Moon will on August 22nd. Full Moons bring culmination, achievements, and endings and tend to be quite emotional. This lunation resonates in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, encouraging us to be independent and embrace the authentic vision you have for your life. As this zodiac sign also has ties to the global community, this will be a time when the human collective may notice that we are more connected than separate—even if that is just through digital means. Think of the future now—yours and that of humanity—and contemplate what still lies ahead. This is the second of two back-to-back Full Moons in Aquarius. Look back on what happened near July 23, 2021 and note that similar themes will appear now. While that first lunation may have brought some heavy or troubling news, this second one will be much more delightful, festive, and sweet.

Later on the same day, the Sun makes its move into perfectionist Virgo for a one month stay. As the Sun moves through Virgo, a mutable earth sign, our focus shifts to analyzing the details in our lives. We’ll want to understand all the little pieces of things and how they fit together. Virgo loves nothing better than solving puzzles, some meaningful, some just for the fun of it. Virgo is ruled by the flighty Mercury, but because of the earthiness of this sign, the thoughts and ideas are more down to earth. While the Sun is in Virgo, we become very practical. Yet Virgo is a mutable sign, so we can also be flexible and accepting of new ideas and better ways to think about things.

Finally, on August 30th, our cosmic messenger, Mercury, dances into the zodiac sign of Libra, too. Over the coming weeks, all negotiations will become blessed with an easier and more fair-minded flow. Relationship topics will be on the top of our minds, as we want to make sure we are on the same page as our lovers, friends, collaborators, and business associates.



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Joseph P. Anthony

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