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Astrology Overview for September 2016

Hi Friends,
We have quite an astrological doozy this month, with two powerful eclipses, a Blue Moon (3rd lunation in one month) Saturn square Neptune, The Fall Equinox, and to top it off, Mercury is retrograde for most of September. As you can see we are in for some major challenges in September. The astrological picture for this month starts off with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1st, which plants the seeds of a power-packed month to come. And that promise will be more than fulfilled as we fast approach the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 16th, followed by the Autumn Equinox on September 22nd.

The New Moon in Virgo symbolizes separating the wheat from the chaff. This is a month to be particularly discriminating about what ideas, information, and values you allow into your life, for Virgo is a very practical sign. It’s not only about criticizing what we don’t like, it’s about figuring out what you do want and then taking the responsibility to manifest it in your life. If you don’t, someone else will step in to fill the void and take that choice away. The sign of Virgo represents of Mother Earth, shifting our focus to practical matters, especially in relation to our bodies, our health, our Earth, and how we are caretaking or squandering our energy and our resources.

On a psychological level, this is a great time to create boundaries for ourselves. This lunation is about “weeding out” toxic people, places, and things from our lives. If an old habit has become burdensome, let it go! Virgo encourages purity in mind, body and spirit. It discourages co-dependent behavior. If your environment is toxic, do something to clean it up. If your relationships are toxic, see where you can “clean them up”. Take practical action, and take responsibility for yourself. It will do a lot of good for your Spirit! The main aspect during this Solar Eclipse is the Saturn Square Neptune which has proven to have been an extremely influential cosmic force during the past few months.

You can try to ‘rise above the 3D’ and take a spiritual stance. But since we are stuck on this planet, boundaries are an issue and war is being fought on a physical level as well as the mental. It is very tempting to spiritually-bypass our current reality, but if we believe we are on this planet for a purpose, we will have to get our hands dirty. Saturn square Neptune then is a perfect symbol of the conflict between Neptunian idealism, empathy, compassion, versus the despised, realistic, and restrictive control that Saturn represents. Despite this serious deception aspect of Saturn square Neptune, we must not lose sight of the great manifestation and imaginative option of this Solar Eclipse, for Eclipses are larger doorways of opportunity and transformation.

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