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April 2020 Astrology, Important Updates! No April Horoscope Video

Hi Friends,
As you could tell we’ve entered the cosmic chaos zone which I touched upon in last month’s newsletter.

“On March 9th the Full Moon in Virgo will be illuminating and uncovering some new truths or realizations”

“This will be an important Equinox because of the massive conjunct between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. We can expect some significant news or headlines with regards to corruption, scandals, power structures, stocks market concerns and political shenanigans that may be so big that we can’t avoid them. Unfortunately, this transit will certainly bring out feelings of frustration in many people.”

You can read the entire March newsletter here: March 2020 Newsletter

This zone will be in effect until the end of July 2020 with the highlight month being June. This time frame indicates tremendous change and revelations that will shock many. The months ahead have significant astrological alignments that represent different areas of life. For example, on May 13th through June 25th we have Venus going retrograde in Gemini. This retrograde suggests issues related to communicate systems, money or currency matters, and partnership issues from the past. In June it gets even more interesting as we’ll have 2 powerful eclipses, Mercury goes retrograde, Venus will continue to retrograde, and Jupiter will conjunct Pluto for the second time this year. This is a cosmic recipe for change.

In July we have another partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn, Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn, Mercury will be retrograde until July 12th, and Jupiter will sextile Neptune once again. This indicts something to do with government retracting or announcements about the economic situation. Politics and political leaders will be highlighted in both June and July.

All throughout this year the outer planet alignments between Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in the sign of restrictive Capricorn have been setting the stage for what’s to come. The sign of Capricorn is associated with governments, corporations, large entities, or any large body that control or regulate. During this corona virus situation we see that all of these entities are playing a major role in society by trying to control the outcome; totally in line with the Capricorn energy. However, what most people are not aware of is why this virus appeared and who the major players are behind it. The reason I bring this up is because Pluto the planet that represents depth, discovery, transformation, power, death & rebirth, hidden forces, has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008 revealing all the shadowy figures and organizations that have influenced society.

Unfortunately, many refuse to go down this rabbit hole of truth because it’s uncomfortable and it conflicts with their current belief system causing Cognitive Dissidence. A term coined by Leon Festinger in his book “A theory of cognitive dissonance” (1957) where someone refuses to see the truth and will inadvertently block such information from reaching the deeper part of their psyche as to not harm them.

History has proven that powerful families, and secret societies have controlled various governments, religious institutions, media/press, etc through fear and propaganda. In my opinion and research I have discovered that this virus fits the bill perfectly. There have been numerous viruses over the last few decades (Ebola virus, N1H1, HIV, Influenza, Rotavirus, SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV, Zika) which all seem to innocently appear out of nowhere and usually in poor third world countries. Now, one could say because of the terrible living conditions that disease manifests in this environments, and to a certain extent that is true, however, what the so-called “elite” have been trying to do for the last few hundred years is to sterilize and to control the population. This is not me saying this, here are a few examples:

“The population problem must be recognized by government as a principal element in long-range planning.” John D. Rockefeller business magnate (1839-1937)

“The process of industrialization should of itself reduce the birth rate if we are to judge by Western experience. But Asia cannot afford the time this transition took in the West.” Frederick Osborn, philanthropist (1889-1981)

“One of the most serious challenges to human destiny in the last third of this century will be the growth of the population.” Richard M. Nixon, former US President (1913-1994)

“One must remember that (St. Vincent’s) resources are finite and cannot accommodate indefinite population growth. Families must plan their families just as the Government has to plan the Nation’s development. Queen Elizabeth II (born 1926)

There are many more examples of population control but the one that stands out in my mind is “Eugenics”

Eugenics literally means “good creation.” The ancient Greek philosopher Plato may have been the first person to promote the idea, although the term “eugenics” didn’t come on the scene until British scholar Sir Francis Galton coined it in 1883 in his book, Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development. This program was the study of how to arrange reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of heritable characteristics regarded as desirable. Developed largely by Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race, it fell into disfavor only after the perversion of its doctrines by the Nazis.

Now I’m sure many are thinking that I have gone off the deep end or this is just conspiracy nonsense, but the evidence is overwhelming when you go down this rabbit hole of truth. This time in our history is all about Awakening consciousness on every level, spiritual, political, social, physical, etc. We must begin to see the bigger picture that we are all small fractals in a larger geometrical pattern; that our reality extends beyond the physical realm and that people in power have this knowledge and have been keeping us distracted, divided, and mentally manipulated in order to control us. This is what is coming out based on the astrology of this time frame.

Here is a video presentation I did on March 22, 2020 where I shared some more hidden information:

For those of you that feel brave enough to go down the rabbit hole, here are few videos that I highly recommended you watch and share:

As far as the month of April goes, we continue to have powerful changes as Jupiter and Pluto continue their powerful conjunction in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter Conjunct Pluto is a major alignment occurring every 13 years. There is a series of three Jupiter Pluto conjunctions occurring in 2020 in Capricorn, on April 4, June 30 and November 12, 2020.
These significant transits will reveal shocking information which will change the status quo. All things hidden will be brought to light, transformed, destroyed, or ending.

On a person level, Jupiter conjunct Pluto allows us to strive for more significance, and as a result, we can feel a stronger need for shared interests with others, adventurous or risky undertakings, success (however we define it), accomplishment, and personal betterment. It can be a time of intense personal growth and expansion. This can be an ambitious time when a desire for success or growth is compelling. The ability to sway or persuade can be enhanced. We might solve a problem that has been in existence for some time, or capitalize upon a resource that we once overlooked or that now emerges.

Communication will be key on April 4 when Venus enters Gemini. Venus will be spending a long time in Gemini because of its retrograde on May 13. She will leave this sign on August 8. While Venus is in this talkative sign, all forms of self expression will be important; our curiosity will be at its peak. People from the past may resurface and you’ll share old times together going down memory lane. Venus also represents money matters, so during this transit I’m sure we’ll hear a lot of the current financial situation and things that need to change such as monetary policies and the economy. Of course Venus also represents partnerships so we will find ourselves thinking more about them and we’ll be more expressive about letting our loved know how much we really care.

The first of three powerful conjunctions occurs on April 4 between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. As a result, we can expect an initial narrative of the changes coinciding with Jupiter’s union with Pluto to be generated in April, with an important turn of events or necessary revisions occurring in June and July that will require integration and contemplation for how to proceed more effectively. By the time we reach November, we will have learned how to adjust to whatever developments have coincided with being at the threshold of a new cycle between Jupiter and Pluto, and we will be able to understand more fully how to work with whatever insights and awareness we have gained.

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn will be heavily influenced by slow and steady Saturn, bringing tests that temper the potential excess and inflation of Jupiter. Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn transiting through Capricorn will bring lessons of maturity and responsibility cultivated through acceptance of natural cycles of change. The combination of Jupiter and Pluto can incite extreme ambition for personal power, yet their transit through Capricorn along with Saturn means that we will need to adjust aspirations to contend with the limitations we face in regard to material resources and available time and space.

On April 7 the Full Moon in Libra will have us questioning everyone and everything. The sign of Libra is represented by the scale which is all about balance, fairness, and equilibrium. This sign ruled by the planet Venus, is all about creating harmony and keeping the peace. Whatever is asking to be released is the thing that creates disharmony in your life and makes you feel off-balance. When you feel off-balance, your wellness suffers. Your ability to make self-care a priority diminishes and your mind and body become disconnected. So, how can you bring harmony back into your life?

But, unfortunately that balance or equilibrium will be severely challenged on the same day as Mars squares Uranus. Mars square Uranus transit gives a strong urge to break free from restriction and rebel against authority. A tendency to act rashly without regard for the consequences can lead to great disruption or conflict in your life. Awareness of this dynamic energy can instead lead to inventive and creative breakthroughs and a reinvigorated personal life. You must find an area of life in which you can tear up the rules and have some fun. You cannot restrain this erratic energy so must express your crazy, creative or inventive side in a safe environment. If you have a structured, hierarchical workplace then you should find a creative outlet socially, physically or through a hobby.

On thoughts will be on steroids on April 11 when Mercury enters Aries. Mercury rules our thinking process. It represents the speed with which we comprehend ideas and concepts, so when Mercury moves into the fiery sign of Aries, it marks a period of high-energy and frantic ideas flying around. Mercury also rules the nervous system. The sign it is in describes how fast or slow we want to carry the message from one place to another. Mercury in Aries moves impulsively from one fire to another. It’s like going to the Indy 500…and you’re the driver.
During this period, you can expect lots of projects, lots of people wanting you to do more, and lots of work, work & work. At a fast, fast, fast pace.

The energy finally shifts into on April 19 when the Sun enters realistic Taurus. After a month of exuberant Aries, we are ready to slow down and enjoy the soothing sensations of Taurus. The seeds that were planted during Aries are starting to sprout. People are beginning to come out of their houses to enjoy the sunshine and putter in the garden. Get your hands dirty. Prune the roses. Smell the flowers, for they are about to be there. Taurus is a fixed earth sign that condenses and solidifies the fiery impulses generated during Aries. The energy of Taurus is receptive and feminine, steady, loyal, and determined. It waits for things rather than running after them. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. We’re not talking about spiritual love here, either. Venus likes her pleasures. Enjoy them while the Sun is in Taurus.

The need to be practical continues to be highlighted on April 22 as the New Moon shines a light on Taurus. This week offers up one of the sweetest, most fertile new moons of the year. The moon loves to be in Taurus. The moon appreciates the stability that this fixed earth sign brings. Taurus stabilizes the robust energy of spring, harnessing its power so that something can be grown with it. The moon wants a home and in Taurus it has one and it is gorgeous. Taurus knows how to enjoy what it produces. Slow to move, Taurus teaches us to appreciate the kind of time and effort it takes to make a seed into a garden and a single stone into a monument. There is no rushing a bull, but whatever Taurus builds is built to last.

The sign of the underworld, Pluto, goes retrograde one again on April 25. When Pluto turns retrograde, the pressure eases off. What pressure? With Pluto in Capricorn, the issue is who’s in control. Major power struggles run rampant. So some relief from that would be very welcome indeed. During the retrograde periods we can expect life to be a little more like normal. There aren’t so many people in your face all the time and the male posturing that’s happening on the world scale recedes into talk of how to make peace work so we can get on with the job of living.
We can use these times to work on furthering our plans for where we want to end up in the new world order that will exist when Pluto leaves Capricorn.

The need to slow our minds down increases on April 25 when Mercury enters Taurus. While Mercury is in Taurus, we’ll be flexing our mental muscles through a sign whose energy focuses on the physical things of the earth. Strength, land, possessions — all solid, stable, material things. You can touch them. They endure. They feel heavy. So when the planet of reason moves into this realm, the thinking process is slowed. We need to “think things through” more. Answers do not come through quickly.
We get more satisfaction out of digging in the garden or going to the gym or walking around the block. When Mercury is in the earthy sign of Taurus, it’s time to trim away the old dead growth so the new can flourish.

And finally… PLEASE STAY OUT OF FEAR! This is a huge transformational time where we have a chance to rebuild something that is not working anymore.

Cosmic Blessing!!


Joseph P. Anthony

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