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April 2016 Astrology Outlook

Hi All,

Some months give us inspiration and others, not so much. This April is one of the latter. To be fair, the month starts out energetic enough. If you’ve got new projects you want to launch, kick them off before April 5th. After that point things begin to slow down. Way, way down as the energy is rather heavy this month. We will have several planets going retrograde along with another powerful Full Moon in Scorpio. But let’s look on the bright side, mindfulness, deep work, and exploring the pleasure principle can all be motivational tools that help with the cosmic vibe in April. We will be learning how to turn lemons into lemonade this month!

The momentum begins to shift on April 5th when Venus enters Aries and Mercury enters Taurus. Where Venus goes, our hearts go. Her energy relates to the kind of surroundings that make us feel comfortable. She is a yin planet, meaning that she is not so much pro-active, but rather, what she wants she draws to her. One of the things Venus wants is social interaction. She wants the happy, fun, “meaningful” part of relationships. She is lovely, refined, and beautiful. And make no mistake, she is very seductive. When Venus is in the sign ruled by Mars, her male counterpart, she gains the energy to go out and get what she wants.

At the same time this going on, mental Mercury flexes its cerebral muscle through a sign whose energy focuses on the physical things of life. Stamina, strength, possessions and property are the theme here– all solid, stable, material things. You can touch them, they endure, and they feel heavy. So when the planet of reason moves into this realm, the thinking process is slowed. We need to “think things through”. Answers do not come through quickly. We get more satisfaction out of digging in the garden or going to the gym or even walking around the block. The earth needs to be turned up after the winter freeze so its nutrients can begin to flow again. The same is true for our thoughts. When Mercury is in the earthy sign of Taurus, it’s time to trim away the old dead growth so the new can flourish.

On April 7th, the New Moon in Aries energies our thoughts and actions. This fiery lunation is a cosmic wakeup call that urges us to take part in this seasonal renewal with the same forcefulness and candid audacity. However, there are three aspects to this lunation that are important, the trine to Saturn, square to Pluto, and conjunction with Uranus suggesting a transition from one type of change to another, from chaotic and unexpected change to planned and structured change. With Saturn retrograde until August 13th, this transitioning should be taken slowly and cautiously in the beginning, especially in relation to love and money.

The Mojo changes on April 17th, when go-getter Mars begins its eleven week retrograde period. Every two years or so, mighty Mars slows down and offers us the experience of life at a slower pace. This time around Mars begins its retrograde in adventurous Sagittarius. Mars likes to be in motion and so does Sagittarius. This change of direction is a double-whammy of energy from work to play. Sagittarius does love to play! This energy is so intense that you may start feeling this change of focus a few weeks before it actually happens. Mars isn’t the only planet to go retrograde this month, the following day, April 18th; Pluto begins its backward motion in Capricorn.

When Pluto turns retrograde, the pressure eases off a bit, but the issue of who’s in control takes center stage. Major power struggles can run rampant on the global scale during this retrograde period. On a personal level we can expect life to be a little quieter with a reflective undertone. During this reversal it’s best to work on our plans and long-term goals for where we want to be when it turns direct on September 26th.

On April 19th, the Sun enters the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus. We are ready to slow down and enjoy the soothing sensations of life now. The seeds that were planted during Aries are starting to sprout. People are beginning to come out of their houses to enjoy the sunshine and putter in the garden. Get your hands dirty. Prune the roses. Smell the flowers, for they are about to be there. Taurus is a fixed earth sign that condenses and solidifies the fiery impulses generated during Aries. The energy of Taurus is receptive and feminine, steady, loyal, and determined. It waits for things rather than running after them. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. In Astrology, Venus has a dual rulership over Libra and Taurus. As a result, Venus represents two main areas of our life: love and money. Venus rules our sentiments, what we value, and the pleasure we take in life. Grace, charm, and beauty are all ruled by this planet. Through Venus, we learn about our tastes, pleasures, artistic inclinations, and what makes us happy. Enjoy them all while the Sun is in Taurus.

Our moods quickly change on April 21st, as the Scorpio Full Moon adds deep, intense emotions in the mix. During this passionate lunation we will be experiencing a pull between Taurus (values) and Scorpio (desires) themes. The Sun in Taurus will signify our basic ego needs, while the Moon in Scorpio will signify our emotional needs. Taurus is practical, sensual, and thorough. It wants everything to be beautiful. Its energy can be very slow, stubborn, and more oriented around the self. Scorpio is about shared values and resources, sexual intimacy, and emotional depth. While Venus-ruled Taurus likes everything beautiful, the Mars and Pluto ruled Scorpio is not afraid to delve into the darkness. Scorpio is a complex, mysterious, and intense sign. Through this intensity it has tremendous power to facilitate powerful transformations. Metaphorically speaking, Scorpio likes to “take out the trash,” especially when there is a Full Moon in this sign. At its worst, the Scorpio intensity can manifest itself in a way that is obsessive, secretive, and manipulative with a desire to hide from the world.

We will get another chance to revisit the past on April 28th, when cerebral Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus- Remember that we are in a period of focusing on the physical things of the earth. The energy is slow and heavy, and so is the thinking process. As Mercury turns retrograde in this slow, heavy sign, we are really in for an even slower time – sort of like slow motion. It’s like pulling teeth to get any of our ideas out in the open. Because of that, it’s not a good time to be signing contracts or expecting people to hear what you say. There must be an excessive amount of old dead growth out there that needs clearing away. The lesson here is that when there’s too much old stuff and too much clutter around, it clutters up our minds too. Sometimes we need a period of giving our minds a rest. Dig in the garden, go through years worth of stuff you don’t need, use this time to give your life a psychological haircut. You’ll feel like a kid again afterwards and be ready to call up all your friends and tell them about it when Mercury moves direct on May 22nd.

The Venusian theme continues on April 30th, when Venus enters Taurus as well. Venus, goddess of love that you are, “Bring me the things that I want”. This will be the mindset during this transit. While Venus moves through Taurus, one of the signs she rules, her energy will be exceptionally beautiful. Venus in Taurus truly enjoys the feel of fine things in life. She revels in the touch of fine silks and satins. She has a knack for putting all the silver in just the right order on the dinner table, right next to the finest china. She adores mingling with her guests, with just the right champagne flute topping off the most elegant of evening gowns. She is gracious and refined. She is the feel of old money. Taurus is a sign of the earth. It is heavy and warm. Lush flowers and forests grow in its fertile valleys. It is solid and endures forever. While Venus is in Taurus, we all get to indulge our fancies and maybe even acquire a few long lasting memories along the way.

Joseph P. Anthony

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