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My View of September 2014







We are in the midst of more change this month, most of it occurring deep within ourselves. We’ll be taking on more responsibility in September as the vibrant Sun continues to visit hard-working Virgo. On September 1st our thinking shifts to fairness and partnerships when cerebral Mercury enters balanced Libra. Relationships take on a more practical hue on September 5th when loving Venus enters realistic Virgo causing us to over analyzing our feelings for others.

The spiritual and compassionate Pisces Full Moon on September 8th will usher in intuition, fantasy, and imagination. Amorous Venus in Virgo opposes spiritual Neptune during this lunation, underscoring the difference between the physical and metaphysical dimensions. Being divided by these contrasting forces is stressful, but building bridges between them can make dreams come true. On September 13th, the fiery red planet (Mars) enters wild and restless Sagittarius. Resistance to rules and restraint of any kind will be highlighted during this adventurous six-week transit.

There is, though, a tendency to act impulsively and to overlook routine tasks while searching for new experiences. The cosmic energy shifts dramatically on September 22nd, when the bright Sun enters peace-loving Libra and potent Pluto turns direct in Capricorn. An innate sense of fairness, graciousness and charm are among the gifts when the Sun transits the socially skillful sign of Libra. However, powerful Pluto’s shift to forward motion slowly releases deep desires and festering feelings to bring them out in the open.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”.
-Abraham Lincoln

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